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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Writing: Guardian Knights - the Delaneys

   I've been considering posting some of my writing since I began this blog and its come down to a "why not?" sort of feeling. Expect there to be quite a few of these Writing posts, as I have quite a few little blips of writing that I'll probably post.

  The first thing I'm going to post will need some explaining, as Delaney is my name, yes?

  Well, if you have explored Penny Kearney's blog, then you have undoubtedly seen her "For the Greatest Good" blog series, starring Penny Kearney and Dana MacDonald.

  The land where FtGG is set is one where, first Penny and Dana, now some of the rest of us, have decided to place ourselves under our aliases. I am, not surprisingly, Siani Delaney in this realm. It's unnamed as of yet, of course.

  In this distant place, there is an Order that died away two generations ago and is just now being revived by Penny Kearney. Using genealogies, Penny travels throughout the land, searching for the descendants of the original Guardian Knights of the Order. These Knights also have gifts, as you see in For the Greatest Good.

  Mine is that of protection for those I love. My (fictional) cousin Aubrey's power is an empathic one; he reads the auras of the people around him, or the auras they've left behind. (And he is awesome, I'm just saying.)

 As for our history, Aubrey and I grew up in a castle reigned over by Lord (insert when I find my document) with a family of unbelievers. That is, they didn't believe in the stories of an Order working for one King who had all these gifts. But Aubrey did. Believe, that is. A few years old than myself, he learned as much as he could about the Order and eagerly shared what he discovered with me. The skepticism at home kept me from taking him too seriously, though.

  Somewhere between my seventeenth and eighteenth birthday, however, our castle was attacked by a greater force led by Lord Cardall. Before the chaos could truly begin, Aubrey took me to the depths of the castle to an escape hatch, if you will, and told me that he and I were descendants of the Knights of the Order before handing me a bag with a dagger and some money and basically throwing me out of the castle.

  Much of our family died in the ensuing chaos, and I still don't know who escaped the overtaking of our castle. The deaths awoke my gift, however, and when I had recovered from the massive toll the losses had taken on myself, I found that something was dragging me towards someone-- someone important.

  It was Aubrey and so I set out after him, still very much in the dark when it came to my gift, the Order, the Knights, and everything to do with those three subjects, but determined to rescue my cousin.

  Alright. That's mostly it. I meet Penny along the road, somehow rescue Aubrey, and then the bit I'm going to put in now takes place when we've supposedly gone to recuperate at the castle that Penny Kearney and her brothers have set up as a 'home base' for the revived Order. Without further digression, my blip.

   I leaned into the room, hesitant as to what strange mood my cousin would be in this morning. His sense for people's emotions sometimes left him in uncharacteristic moods for several hours, and adjustment was slow in coming for me.
   Aubrey turned from the window where he watched the goings-on of the people in the inner ward below.
   "You're in quite a knot," he commented, one brow raised. "What are you stewing over now?"
   His astuteness was something else I had yet to become truly comfortable with. I shifted on my feet, then entered with slow steps. "Aubrey..." I paused, thinking.
   "Siani." He replied with some humor.
   "I'm not-- that is, I don't want to stay here, Aubrey." I confessed after a moment, twisting my fingers together. "I don't sleep well at night and my days feel useless most of the time. I don't feel comfortable with being taskless, but at the same time, I don't feel like I-- not that I don't fit in, but it doesn't feel right to work among these people. I don't know any of them, and I don't want to."
   Aubrey studied me, no doubt seeing something that was undetectable by all but him. "We don't have anywhere else to go, Ani; you know that."
   "I know, but we don't have to. I-- James is out there and I keep feeling like he's in danger, Aubrey. I need to find him again before something happens or I'll drive myself insane by staying away."
   Understanding seemed to light upon his features. "That's why you've been wandering the corridors in your sleep, then."
   I blanched. "I have been doing what?"
   He went to pull out a bench from the short table against the wall and took a seat on it. "The guards have had to fetch me more than a few times these past few weeks because you've left your quarters to try and escape the castle. There were a couple of close calls. It might explain why you don't feel rested in the daytime."
   I agreed with him inwardly, following his change of position with my eyes. James had said he'd had to block me from leaving several times when we'd been travelling together to find Aubrey. "Yes," I murmured at last. "It's my... gift. It has a tendency to be very insistent."
   Aubrey nodded, silent for the moment, and I went to sit next to him  on the bench, weariness weighing on my shoulders. Being around all these potential hazards with Aubrey drained away my energy like water through a sieve.
   "Have you adjusted to all the auras and such?" I questioned after some minutes of silence, picking at a piece of dirt that clung to his shirt sleeve.
   "I'm getting there," he replied, stretching his lefs out before him with a long exhale. "Anything particuarly strong gives me a headache and if I don't mind myself, they can effect me. You've noticed, no doubt."
   I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, a small smile pulling at my mouth. "Yes. It is difficult to not pick up on it. You can get rather, ah, testy. Or happy. I'm not sure which is more odd, though."
   Aubrey grimaced. "I'm working on it."
   "Take your time," I commented, amused, before lapsing back into thought.
   I was aware of his presence by my elbow as I looked around the small room that he'd been given upon our arrival. The Lady Kearney had been considerate of his skill in reading auras and his room was located on the outer edges of the dormitory section of the castle.
   His arm settled around me, a comforting presence across my back, and it encouraged me to speak what was becoming clear in my mind.
   "You don't want to leave here, do you." It was a statement, not an inquiry.
   "No, I don't." Aubrey murmured without hesitation, honesty in his words. "We have a place here. Peoples have gifts such as ours, and if we were to leave, we would be nomads. Our castle is gone, our parents and families either dead or working for the new lord... It's better for us here, Ani, it really is."
   I turned towards him, desperation welling in my throat, because he still didn't understand. "But I can't handle it here, Aubrey. Not knowing what will come if I make friends with these people. If I let myself care about any of them, I will protect them. And in the midst of this battle they rage-- I'll get myself killed trying to defend them from that which threatens their lives." My fingers curled into his sleeve as I attempted to reign in my emotions, for his sake as much as mine. "I have enough trouble between you and James, Aubrey. I don't know how many more people I can protect before my head tears itself apart."
   My cousin was silent. I felt his arm tighten about my ribs for a moment while he absorbed what I'd said. "I didn't realize it was this difficult, Siani. We'll go, as soon as possible. But I would like to stay at least until I can get a handle on this ability of mine. Do you think you can keep it together that long?"
   I let out a quiet breath, the building tension in my chest loosening along with Aubrey's embrace. I leaned against his side, replying, "Yes. I can. I'm sorry, Aubrey, it's just--"
   "It's okay, Ani, really. We'll bring the matter up with Lady Kearney later."
   "She wishes for us to stay here," I said quietly, glancing at him.
   His green eyes looked back down at me, a wry smile on his mouth. "I know. But I won't stay here if it puts you in pain."

  And that's that.

  Future installments of my various bits will have varying lengths to their introductions; some I will probably just post without much explanation because they were just a passing idea in the first place. The ones with more importance to me I'll put more effort into.

  I hope you thought this was interesting, and I welcome feedback if you have any to give.

  Ad astra per aspera.
  To the stars, through difficulties.


  1. Thank you so much for the FtGG summary! It makes a lot more sense now!

    1. I must admit to confusion over what part of my post was a summary of FtGG; allow me to clarify a little. FtGG is what one might call a chapter in the book of the Guardian Knights. The story of Aubrey and Siani is an entirely different chapter, occurring after the FtGG chapter. Unless, of course, you were referring to the bit about the Knight and the Order and their roots?

  2. " In this distant place, there is an Order that died away two generations ago and is just now being revived by Penny Kearney. Using genealogies, Penny travels throughout the land, searching for the descendants of the original Guardian Knights of the Order. These Knights also have gifts, as you see in For the Greatest Good. "
    That part.
    "That is, they didn't believe in the stories of an Order working for one King who had all these gifts."
    And that part. It helped clear up the background and basically what the Order is. And I found extremely fascinating.

    1. Okay, that makes much more sense to me. >.> I'm glad you found it helpful, though. ^.^


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